Great Lakes Combustion has been an established leader in the manufacturing and service industry since 1979. As a family owned and operated business operating in a private facility within the Industrial sector of Burlington, Ontario, GLC has satisfied the needs of customers throughout North America. With a solid reputation predicated on decades of customer satisfaction, GLC provides specialized manufacturing processes in heating which includes, but is not limited to, industrial ovens, kilns, dryers, boilers and furnaces. GLC is a leader in design build applications for the manufacturing industry. Custom designs extend into various sectors including, paint and powder coating, galvanizing, food manufacturing, annelling and extrusion processes. Great Lakes Combustion offers 24 hour emergency services giving us the ability to land a team of distinct qualified professionals on site to provide our customers with the highest caliber of service.

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The Great Lakes Combustion team utilizes state of the art in control technology. Our innovative drive to deliver custom designed equipment is unparalleled in the combustion industry. With our global consciousness to fuel saving initiatives and fuel conversions we offer those implementations to our customers. Whether it is the installation of equipment, pipefitting, duct work, or structural steel, Great Lakes Combustion is experienced with the ability to install electrical as well as control systems that are distinct within the global community. We are regulated by the governing bodies of the TSSA pressure vessel CWB and ESA, holding all certifications. With the employ of six G1 gas fitters, as well as highly skilled technicians, your installation needs are in great hands.

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Great Lakes Combustion now offers
CNC plasma cutting services…

Great Lakes Combustion has added CNC Plasma cutting to it’s list of services to ensure we meet all of our customers’ needs.

Our plasma cutting services includes both sheet metal and plate steel cutting as well as pipe and structural members (beam, channel, angle iron).

Look no further than GLC for all of your plasma cutting needs.

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Plasma Cutting Metal

24 Hour Service

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Great Lake Combustion Service VanOur team of service technicians are available around the clock (24-7) to assist with any emergency breakdowns or service calls. GLC prides itself on prompt response times as well as maintaining our on hand digital database for customers equipment service history.

Our fleet of GLC service trucks are equipped with a comprehensive inventory of equipment components.
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