Combustion Systems

Our design and manufacturing group has been delivering reliable, efficient and superior combustion systems to meet our customer’s needs for over 35 years. The designs are based on your process requirements and current code regulations. We provide upgrades to existing systems to meet any changes in your process requirements. Our design group will also assist you in obtaining TSSA approvals for any new or existing equipment you may have.


When purchasing new equipment or making changes to existing equipment, it is imperative that any design choice be made with the forethought to the future needs of your process while meeting code requirements. While using your current  process requirements we evaluate both the potential of both upsizing and/or the reconfiguring the equipment to deliver the most reliable and efficient systems. All our designs meet government code requirements.



Great Lakes Combustion Inc. has a large in-house inventory of combustion system components as well as piping inventory. We have in stock a varied selection of parts including but not limited to:

  • Mod Motors
  • Spark Igniters
  • Flame Relays
  • Temperature Controllers & Chart Recorders
  • Pressure Switches
  • UV Scanners & Flame Rods
  • Valves & Valve Actuators
  • Blowers
  • Various Pipe Fittings

We carry the following manufacturers:

  • Honeywell
  • Antunes
  • North American
  • Maxon
  • Eclipse

Retrofits & Upgrades

GLC provides on-site technical and mechanical retrofits and upgrades. From start-ups, support of new equipment, commissioning and retrofitting of existing process equipment, repairs, preventative maintenance, combustion analysis, emissions reduction, and compliance combustion system tune-ups. GLC offers temperature profiles for ovens and furnaces as well as estimated life expectancy of the equipment involved. We can provide a cost analysis of life cycles and approval estimates for changes of industrial burner systems.

Design Build

The Great Lakes Combustions team utilizes the latest in control technologies. Our innovative drive to deliver custom design equipment is unparalleled in the combustion industry. Fuel saving initiatives and fuel conversions are offered as implementations to our customers. System approvals by the TSSA and ESA ensure vessel quality. GLC has the capabilities to ensure turnkey products that meet your business needs and specifications. Our accomplished builds include spray washers, furnaces, ovens, valve trains and intricate control panels.

Emergency Service

Our team of service technicians are available 24/7 to assist with any emergency breakdown. GLC prides itself on prompt response times as well as maintaining our on hand digital database for our customers equipment service history. Our fleet of GLC service trucks are equipped with an extensive inventory of equipment components. Our ability to pull from our on-hand inventory warehouse located at our main centralized office in the GTA region, ensures there is time sensitive efficiency in our services. We offer standardized routine maintenance for combustion tuning as it relates to emission monitoring and testing. We provide work history inspection reports as a regular practice.

Approvals (TSSA & ESA)

Approval TSSA & ESA – Great Lakes adheres to both TSSA and ESA standards. The set standards of the TSSA policies, procedures and processes for certification, as well as ESA, will ensure the work is done safely and efficiently.

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